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Darths and Droids

Hi everybody !
Since I have an English test tomorrow, I’ll write this entire article in this language… Besides, I believe it’s also good for you to improve your written comprehension.
For the subject, I have for long been in two minds, but I’ve finally decided myself for that :

What is ‘Darths and Droids‘ ?
To sum up, let’s say it’s a fan fiction from the legendary Star Wars based on Role Playing Games (RPG). So people who don’t like either one or the other, you can spare yourself the task of reading all that stuff (except of course if you want to, which case you’re welcome !).

D&D begin at the Episode I of the saga (which is, as everyone know -I think-, not the first but the fourth movie to be created in our chronological order…), and represent most of the movie scenes (and even some deleted scenes) as comic strips. Of course the dialogues are not the same as in the movies, and sometimes even the story is going in a strange way. But always with film pictures ! It’s recounted by a GM (Game Master) who has created a world and a story for its players. But everything won’t go as planned…
Currently the story reached the end of the third episode (used to be called ‘Revenge of the Sith’, but here it’s more like ‘Revelation of the Sith), and soon will begin the original trilogy !

Why D&D worth it ?
Not to mention that is a Star Wars story, it’s also well done, funny, in one word pleasant. But the best part is probably the comments written at the bottom of the page by the author : read those, you won’t regret it !
On the other hand, it’s true that D&D is aimed primarily at RPG players : if you’re not familiar with this world, you might not be able to enjoy it as much as you should…

One last point that need to be mentionned : it’s written in english… Some of the strips are translated in French though. Oh, and also : the GM’s talks are yellow-tinted… (It may help to understand at the beginning)

And if you want to go further, I’ve heard there’s the same thing with The Lord of the Rings

See ya, young fellows !